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New Profiles Kick serious butt

Seriously these new profile over at UniF are just plain awesome! With different apps and shoutboxes, they are sure to become an indispensable feature. I'm anxious to see what apps will be added to them in the future. Thread subscriptions will be one for sure.

Uni sigs being bogged down

Since the easter event began it seems loading time on the Uni forums has doubled.  Okay maybe not doubled but it has increased alot.  All the new Twitch eggs are bogging down the signatures.  I understand everyone wants the eggs to hatch but sheesh...  I've decided to only post a link to all the eggs in my uniC account.  Thus is a lot easeir on the eyes.  xD  What are your takes on the Easter Stampead?

Avatar Comparison

I was curious to see the actual differences in the new avi bases.  I must admit the new ones look a LOT better.  Though, I was kind of sad to see the brown dragons disappear.  It's a major change when you see them side by side like this.  I think, I'm most pleased to see the guys looking a little less cardboard.  ;}

Discuss:  Do you think the changes below are worth all the effore Uni staff is putting into them?  With all the item redos and what nots?

Side by side Avatar ComparisonCollapse )

Welcome to Unifaction Fans

Hello and welcome to the first LJ community for Unifaction users.  I am pleased to see you've joined us and hope you will abide by a few simple rules.  :}  These rules may change at any time so please check in often.
  • Be polite!  If you wouldn't want it said to you, don't say it to others.
  • No copyrighted material.  If your not sure, best to use something else.  :}
  • Whilst cussing is allowed, please limit it's usage.  Obsessive cussing with result in your post being edited or removed.
  • PG-13 - Keep explicit content out.  This includes icons.  If posting edited bases, please use an lj-cut.

Also, if you are a member of unifactions, it helps to sign your posts with your username there.  Though, this is certainly not required.